LJIX:07 Where I'm coming from

I did not come
from a place of privilege.
Still, I reap the benefits
of the color of my skin.

I did not come
from a place of wealth.
But, I never went hungry
or suffered without shelter.

I did not come
from a place without hope.
But hopelessness can overwhelm me,
with darkness, if I am not vigilant.

I did not come
from a place of war.
Still, I fight for
peace and tranquility.

I did not come
from where you came.
I cannot view my world
with your eyes.

But, I can respect you,
and where you came from,

And that will make all the difference.

LJIX:06 Turn Heel

Dear DJT Supporters,

Today is your day for celebration. I understand that. I also understand that for some of you, it is difficult to comprehend why so many of us non-supporters feel that today's events mark a turning point in American history that will negatively affect many, if not all, citizens of this country, as well as those in and from other countries.

A few of you are gloating, calling us non-supporters "special snowflakes" or worse. I'm not sure I understand this last bit, but I am sure you have your reasons.

If you haven't been able to see what we see before now, nothing I could say would suddenly change your mind.

I truly hope that what I, and so many like me, fear the future holds will never come to pass. If it does, then perhaps you will, too late, come to understand why we were worried for our friends, our neighbors, our brothers, sisters, children, and ourselves.

But know this... if you ever do find yourself on the wrong end of a policy... if you realize one day that something DJT's administration does negatively impact you or someone you love... if you, yes, YOU, ever have cause to regret your support, I'll have your back. No "I told you so." No name calling. No leaving you to lie in the bed you have made.

I promise to treat you with the same respect and dignity that I believe every person, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or political affiliation, is entitled to. So if they come for you, I'll be there.

Unless, of course, they have already come for me.

(written on the morning of the inauguration of the 45th president)

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LJIX:03 "Brushback Pitch"

“Chin Music” (sung to “Let It Go”)

The crowd is wild in the stands tonight
Not a runner had been seen
Until bases were loaded
Bottom inning fourteen

Manager is scowling at the fouling call applied
Couldn’t bunt it in;
Moundsman knows I tried.

Don’t hesitate, just let them see
Be the hero I’ve always meant to be
Conquer my fear
Wait for the throw
Cause then they’ll know.

Let it go, let it go.
Send that ball straight through the air.
Let it go, let it go.
Why’s the pitcher just standing there?
I’m prepared
Plunked, drilled, or beaned, don’t care.
Let me just walk on,
The pain never bothered me anyway.

It's funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
The men in blue won’t parole me
From reliever’s fastball

It’s time to step back in the box
Daydreaming hits for the boondocks
No bunt, no swing, no salami
Can’t flee!

Let it go, let it go.
Send that ball straight through the air.
Let it go, let it go.
Why’s the runner just standing there?
I’m prepared
Plunked, drilled, or beaned, don’t care.
Let me just walk on…

The power pitcher makes his way up to the mound
My mind is panicking and begging turn around
Then one thought energizes like a thunder blast
I’d never live it down, the game is telecast!

Let it go, let it go
Send your fireball tight and high
Let it go, let it go
I’ll send it sailing out to the sky!

Here I stand
I’ve got my bat, let’s play

          [ Here’s the wind up
          [ A scorcher
          [ Casey swings
          [ Strike three
          [ He’s OUT!

Let me just move on
They loved me in the minor leagues anyway…
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LJIX:02 That one friend...

That one friend…

Once upon a warm fall evening, while I struggled, scarce believing

The claims of patented inventions, filed a year before

With scopes that each had far exceeded that which applicant had pleaded

Comprised the heart that they’d created, in their arguments galore

‘I would reject these,’ I muttered, where others had allowed galore

‘Narrower, and nothing more.’

Breaking my internal whining, I heard a sound, a distant siren,

An incessant interruption of my introspective chore

But of course my phone was hidden, lost within my desktop midden

And though the sound was yet unbidden, frantic did I search among decor

Finally, I find the thing, once lost among decor

‘Hello?’ said I, then muted, swore.

‘I just called to say I hate you and to verbally berate you,’

His voice enthusiastic with an eagerness I abhor.

‘I’ve had a chance to read your writing and it isn’t that exciting

But your words, clearly inciting, brought the voters to the floor

I can’t boot you when your scribing brought the voters to the floor

So, how ya doing, you old poseur?’

Knowing he would soon be jerking my chain though I should be working

I responded, a tad uncertain, ‘I’m well enough for more.’

Pressing buttons, feeling chic’er, ‘Yeah, I’m putting you on speaker,’

And soon the little geeker’s voice did voluminously soar.

In my tiny office, the little sneaker’s voice did voluminously soar.

Sarcastic me, ‘I got votes galore.’

‘We both know that you’d retrieve the kinds of votes you should receive

If you practiced writing, weaving, rhymes that didn’t bore.’

‘So helpful.’ I was then responding to sentiments still corresponding

To a friendship far beyond so many digs of yore

Yes, a friendship that knew many little digs of yore

Missing this, ‘There’s something more...’

‘You should know this week’s approach will be one that dares encroach

‘A subject scarce above reproach, knowing now the score

‘Give me time, I’ll have ‘em smiling with dopey rhymes that I’m compiling

‘About this one guy still beguiling, though he’s often thought folklore

‘Few realize you're really real, and aren't just folklore.

‘I’m writing truth, and nothing more.’

‘Then, I look forward to announcing...’, I could hear his voice still bouncing,

‘Your impending total trouncing by the other writers, yes, the Idol corps.

‘But in case the voters like you, and they fail to uninvite you

‘From participating despite you being such a snore

‘Would you please, for me, just try to cease being such a snore.’

‘No, I’ll probably be even more.’

(This is totally not based on real events - honest!)
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(no subject)

My previous entry is for the LJIdol writing competition. Most of you reading this are aware of the competition (I hope) and will read/vote for the many wonderful entries others have posted for this week (read/vote here

I tagged the entry "metaphor" for a reason.  I've written about my father many times over the years. I'd post a picture now, but he doesn't like to be an internet phenom.  He and my willow tree are one and the same - they mean "home" for me.

He is so stubborn - I take after him in that regard, to be sure.

He is sleeping now. He needs his rest, to recover, to heal, from his most recent physical setback. He doesn't like to be told he can't do things, that there are physical limits to what he can do... but the truth is he is no longer a young man. The years have been kind, but now Time is pushing with a vengeance.

So sleep Dad, and rest.

I'll be here when you wake up, ready to hear your stories until you are no longer able to tell them.

LJIX:01 Willow


Sleep now, Willow.
Soak in the water
Warmed by the sun that
Floods your roots with
Memories of seasons past
When little ones sheltered
In your arms and
Learned from your example.

Lay down your crown of leaves.
Let the winds lift it away,
In a shower of
Frosted saffron and gold.

Rest your weathered branches,
Cracked and rough with
Scars left by the storms
You survived.

Your frailty masquerades
Your strength.

Sleep now.

Your children’s children will watch
Through the days and weeks to come
While you dream.

Wow... that was a challenge

I am away from my usual computer environment. LJ decided that not only did I not know my password for this account, I was incapable of proving I was human enough to request a change.  I let LJ think about it for a week, and I guess it changed its mind about me, as I was finally able to get a new password this morning.

I still don't have a lot of time for writing, though I have more now than I used to.

I heard some good news yesterday about a possible promotion at work - I've passed the first two hurdles.  Time will tell whether I'll pass the second two hurdles. It's a big raise and a significant change in working conditions, but the benefits will be amazing for me over the long term.

And honestly, it's the job I was meant to do. I'll keep people posted.

LJI:10 has started. Today is the first deadline for entries and the final deadline for signing up.  If you have ever enjoyed the game, or if you just like the challenge of writing for a prompt, consider signing up at

I have a poem I'll be posting in a few minutes.  It's tough to write when I am distracted... in this case, I am staying with my parents for a few weeks while my father recovers from a serious fall.  The poem is either about him or Mama Willow. Or both. You decide.

Amy / Spydie
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Penny Dreadful (an LJ Idol Entry)

Penny Dreadful

I’ll not go gentle into that good night.
This coin not spent nor saved for rainy days
Will rage against the copper-melting bright.

Though some coin, at their end, did mark your spite:
Because they’re glued to decorate buffets,
A metro counter-top for urbanite.

Good coin did testify, crying “how tight!”
Their frail bodies advanced between the trays,
Cheap keep-sake exemplifying building site

Wild coin once bought “Our Gang” Turkish delight,
Has learned, too late, their value nowadays
Inconsequential, denied that birthright.

Brave coin fear death, who see the blinding sight
Oncoming trains, a meteoric end of days
Rage, rage, against that coming of the light!

And I, once tender legal, a sad plight,
Cursed, less metal with your fillers, than pays.
I’ll not go gentle into that good night.
I’ll rage against your copper-melting bright.

A really short entry.

I only have Internet access when we're docked. This is what I was doing instead of writing a long entry.

Flying was so much fun!

(Description: trainer posing me for the camera, just before he let me fly solo. Apparently I'm a natural at this!)

(Description: me and a friend in our training suits, thumbs up!!)